ohs safety

ohs safety

WDA has a comprehensive Safety management plan in place and recognizes that its greatest asset is the people. Hence WDA has committed to providing a safe a healthy working environment for all our staff, contractors and clients.

We have built upon our extensive experience in the mining industry as well as experience in transport & logistics, to put in place well documented systems and procedures. WDA believes that the key to a safe working environment is employees' awareness and knowledge of safety at all times.

Through extensive and continued training and through good communication, staff are well prepared and aware of the importance of Occupational, Health and Safety issues. Training and documentation is recorded daily through drilling reports, and minutes of toolbox meetings are available to clients upon request.

Compliance includes the following:

  • Following Site Safety Regulations
  • Provide all employees with correct PPE
  • Leaving work sites in a safe condition
  • Reporting of Safety Incidents and Hazardous Circumstances
  • Provide Site Safety Inductions
  • Daily Inspection of Plant & Equipment
  • Recording of all Plant & Equipment Maintenance