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WDA Drilling Services are capable or providing RC, or Reverse Circulation, drilling operations.

Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling is a process of recovering mineral and rock samples or drill cuttings by pumping compressed air down the drill rods between the outer and inner tubes. Upward air flow through the inner tube allows the cuttings to be then lifted to the surface where they are directed through a sample hose into a cyclone in order to be collected and bagged to be analysed.

Samples are able to be collected quickly and efficiently and are achievable at higher speed and a lower cost per meter than diamond drilling which makes it ideal for obtaining mineral samples in the earlier phases of a surface exploration project.

WDA have invested in a small but effective fleet of multipurpose reverse circulation drilling rigs to offer clients quality sampling and versatility. These rigs are capable of easily switching from RC to Diamond in order to efficiently complete drill programs even in the most isolated areas and ensuring samples are clean, concise and accurate allowing for faster assay turnaround times

  • RC Sampling Depth to 500 metres
  • RC Pre-Collaring